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Dive Into the New Age of No-Code Digitization and Automation



Design, develop and validate human-machine interfaces and industrial workflows in a few clicks. VITESSE also captures and publishes data seamlessly. Low code mode is accessible for custom developments.

Non-intrusive and friction-less intelligence

AI cluster on edge with built-in IIoT and telemetry highlights opportunities and enables predictive maintenance. Real-time data from all your equipment (existing or new) is also here for monitoring dashboards, AI, and digital twins.

Digital Twins

VITESSE digital twins can be created from existing as well as new equipment. A digital twin replicates elements like robots, conveyors, or more complex equipment including entire manufacturing facilities. This is the most efficient way to increase throughput, improve troubleshooting, support training, and redeploy workers to where they add more value.

Full-Process Authoring and Orchestration

The HME DevKit revolutionizes the creation of industrial processes. It compiles, deploys, and runs in seconds in simulation mode and on hardware, without anyone writing a single line of code.

It's easy to add your approved automation components to the VITESSE library. We are here to help!

Seamless IT and OT integration

VITESSE supports most industrial protocols and standards.

Hosted on edge and capable of running in the cloud, VITESSE is the horizontal layer that binds the equipment on the floor to software services. 


To orchestrate an industrial robot should as easy as plugging a mouse into a laptop.

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