Mechanical Engineer

Steps for intelligent automation

VITESSE™ was designed to follow a step-by-step, non-intrusive approach towards automation


Phase 1: Non-intrusive intelligence

VITESSE uses simple devices such as part presence sensors, cameras, and HMI when needed to deliver data and analytics
from your manufacturing processes. Beside setting up VITESSE, No change to your initial setup is required and Industrial IoTs are unnecessary. This phase is critical to build a comprehensive understanding of cycles; it allows for quick identification of opportunities for improvement.


Phase 2: Human-centric optimization

Generate improved workflows with custom easy-to-use HMIs to
assist operators and teams with better observability, traceability,
and quality.


Phase 3: Automation

Once optimal workflows are mastered, the right automation
equipment is selected to assist and liberate operators from
low-value tasks to focus on value added. The right automation
with the right devices and orchestration platform boosts
throughput and quality, while allowing fast iterations. Agility at its best!