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Robot Modeling, Simulation, and Control Made Easy

No Code.


The simple idea behind our demo at CES 2023:

What could we show now to raise the bar, to really demonstrate the power of VITESSE?

Here's the plan:

Let's make robot control no-code, and super easy.

And we're not talking small collaborative robots here, we're talking serious industrial robots.

Would it be insane to achieve this with a welding robot?

In other wors to simply give access to robotic welding to a larger audience in the industry?


That's how things started!

Partnering with Stäubli and GYS, both premium manufacturers, we developed all the pieces of the puzzle with VITESSE.

3D modeling, Digital Twins, access to controllers, teaching, and execution were all in sync thanks to VITESSE.

We even used VITESSE as the Industrial IoT Gateway for this demo, with real-time telemetry and dashboards, all on edge for performance, safety, and security.



No-code modeling of the robot digital twin


No-code access to Stäubli and GYS controllers

No-code programming of robot path and welding parameters

No-code telemetry with real-time dashboards


New 7" HMI for control and execution

No-code orchestration and execution of the entire process

Robot Modeling, simulation, and control 


HMI for execution and control (Sample)


Execution of the process

Welding TX.jpg

Overall Demo Diagram


Hardware used: 

- Stäubli TX2-40 Industrial Robot with its controller

- GYS Welding controller and SAM (Smart Automation Module)

- One EtherCAT master

- One 7" HME (HMI + Execution) 

- One Windows PC and one Ethernet Switch

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