We’re a group of experienced people. Our company was founded by Luc Leroy and Hugues Gontier. Luc drove the Core Automation Engineering team at Tesla to solve the Model 3 "automation hell". He developed the team and set up the new controls and software architectures for Gigafactory Shanghai, battery cells, and Model Y production lines. Hugues comes with years of experience in Computing, IoT, and Robotics. Full Speed Automation team members are willing to disrupt the manufacturing industry with groundbreaking ideas, but why?

We believe it is time for Manufacturing to have access to modern software practices and to stop depending on expensive and time-consuming software developments. Combining modern software practices including artificial intelligence with engineering excellence leads us to develop the most reliable and cost-efficient automation system for manufacturing in green and brownfields.

We are the "Speedsters" and we believe that true progress for mankind and for our planet will come from smart manufacturing and that there is no time to lose to bring factories closer to consumers! Meet the team here!

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