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The New Standard
for Manufacturing Software

by Full Speed Automation

Meet us at MECSPE 2023, Italy, March 29-31
Meet us at Automate 2023 (Detroit) in May. Click here

The First No-Code
Manufacturing Digitization & Automation Platform

No-Code / Low-Code

With VITESSE, digitization and automation are accessible to all production facilities and teams


Data from your equipment enables real-time telemetry, anomaly detection, and digital twins


Bringing manufacturing closer to consumers is vital for our planet
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Customer Support

Our services focus on the right digitization and automation for your factory's specific needs

Bringing manufacturing

closer to consumers

VITESSE no-code robot programming at CES. Click here!

Unprecedented Simplicity.
Fast Bring-Up and Iteration Using Modern Practices.

Enabling production agility with smart digitization is essential for a better future. Our platform increases quality and working conditions, boosts productivity and traceability, and protects our planet by decentralizing production and redistributing supply chains.


VITESSE is the missing universal automation platform that enables the digital revolution. Smart factories are the future!

Your Factory on VITESSE*

Up to 70%

Cost reduction

Up to 50%

Bring-up time reduction

Up to 90%

Coding time reduction

Factory lines shouldn't need to stop for routine maintenance or software updates. These pauses can lose millions of dollars every week.

VITESSE allows operations to run 24/7 and iterate quickly. It enables offline design and process validation, so updates can be deployed on the floor with the highest level of confidence.

German Equipment Manufacturer

It’s magic! Shocking you can just connect and orchestrate devices in a few clicks…” 

EV car manufacturer, US

“I love the interface and its efficiency! VITESSE is what we need for material flow in cell manufacturing"

German Equipment Manufacturer

“The automated code generator incredibly useful and absolutely genius!”

Our Partners


VITESSE was designed to lower the barriers of adoption in manufacturing automation, to modernize existing facilities as well as new production sites. We serve industries such as: automotive, battery manufacturing, cosmetics, line builders, electronics, food, real estate & construction, charging & welding equipment.

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